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08 May 2021


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Belfast Trust GP Out of Hours Booking System

This is the Belfast Trust GP Out of Hours Booking System.

The system is for the use of Doctors who work for the OOH provider to have easy access to their shift rotas so that they can book and track their shifts.

Before you are able to use the site, you will need to register (using the "register" link at the top right of the page). If you have a login and password use the "login" link to access the site.

If you have lost or forgotten your login details, click "login" and then click the "Lost Password" link.

A Note About the Security Certificate and Secure Access to this site

This website is protected by a Positive SSL security certificate. From the Login screen, all traffic between your browser and the server is protected by encryption. You will see a green padlock in the URL and clicking this will give you additional information about the encryption and security on the site.


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